Aria has few rules. With that said, there are some basics that need to be covered.

1. Respect one another! Aria is a PVP server, competition is encouraged. While I fully understand that passions can run high for competitive guilds and players, some basics need to be upheld. The use of racial slurs, remarks that degrade another based on their sex, ethnicity or religion have no place on Aria. Calling another player whatever 'ism' or 'ist' because of his/her geographic location, debasing another player due to their skin color or sexuality -- do not.

2. Aria is for everyone. This is your server; it is your responsibility to help control what is and is not sent over Aria's facilities. Sending of player made pornographic material is strictly forbidden (in short, no self nudes... or nudes of other players, period). If you are going to do this; take it outside of the game.

3. Do not impersonate me. I, Fyyre am the sole owner and operator of Aria. You will not fool anyone, and find yourself banned as result. Therefore, do not name your guild in a way that hints at some kind of authority or connection to myself or Aria as a representative of such.

4. Do not disrespect, or be rude to the Game Support staff. They are not paid, and volunteer their time to help Aria and the player base. Like you they too are players, so there is no reason to take your anger out on them

5. Donations - while welcome, are not required. Donating gives you no special favor or privilege other than knowing your contribution assist paying the cost of Aria's operation. Charge backs of donations causes unnecessary administrative burden and and loss of revenue. For this reason, attempting to charge back a donation placed on Aria will result in the following: a one month ban. If you do not attempt to resolve the charge back within one month, your character will be deleted from Aria.