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    Post Re-ID Bot OCR

    Re-ID Bot OCR (Download here)

    If you are familiar with Re-ID Bot 2.3.8 then forget about the old one,
    this is a whole new bot written from scratch with new features and capabillities that the old bot could never accomplish.

    Here are some of the features that is in the bot:
    Counter-lag system (This means the bot will not continue Re Identifying before it knows the Identifies are present and has been read.)
    E-Mail Notification system (You can have the bot send you an e-mail when it finds the ID you have been waiting for)
    Can find any id and are not limited to the few the old one could do.
    You can set a minimum amount that you want the bot to register (say you want only 10% crit damage or above, you can now do that.)
    Auto-updater (when the bot has an update it will ask you if you want to update, when you click Yes, it will automatically start updating)
    Here's the few negative sides of using the bot:
    This bot is more CPU Intensive, meaning for some PC's it can take longer to figure out if it has found the right Identifies. While I do what is possible to improve this there is only so much I can do.
    This bot is more advanced then the old one, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing.
    To help you get started I will have an older video showcasing how the bot works.
    Watch the video here

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