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    Patch notes 12/16/2018

    A December to Remember Christmas Event!

    Get Ready For Aria's First Ever Christams Event!!! Featuring New And Exclusive Content!

    [1. Santa Claus <Elixer Exchanger> ]

    Santa has come down from the north Pole bringing Gifts to both Naughty and Nice Players of Aria !!
    For both Shards as well as the 2 NEW Event Exclusive Currencies [Winter Storm Elixir] AND [Ice Armor Elixir] which can be easily Farmed from 1 of the 2 new event farming spots!! Most items availble for Exchange will require BOTH currencies AND as an added bonus the event currency can be used as a consumable to boost either Your defence or Your attack !!

    Santa will Feature a wide variety of items from event exclusive packs, Pets , Fashion, mounts, and Brand new Stat Titles!


    [Jack Frost Pet]
    Aria Custom Pet !! the First Pet to have Both [High Attack And High HP] !!!!
    [Availble ONLY in Aria Christmas Pack]

    [Aria's Love Pet]
    Aria Custom pet !! the First Pet to have [High Defence and Mana] !!
    [Availble in Christmas Naughty Pack]

    [Severe Cold Mount]
    New Mount with 200% speed
    [Availble in Aria Christams Pack]

    [2. Imposter Santa's and Sinister Snowmen's Naughty Outbreak !! (Farm Spots)]

    Imposter Santa and Sinister Snowman have called their Truly Naughty Friends together and have gathered
    in two spots at the Deep Sea Gateway in Polar Borderland, and they are causing a ruckus like no other.

    Brave Players of Aria gather your friends and push back the evil forces trying to ruin Christmas on aria!
    and collect as many [Winter Storm Elixir] AND [Ice Armor Elixir]
    as u can and exchange them for some amazing goodies at Santa clause [Event Npc] which are worthy of the Nice Players you all are.

    Be [Warned] !! they pack a terrible punch if you go unprepared!!
    [HARDER than Horrible halloween Pumkins From Last Event ]

    [NEW Event Exclusive Titles ]

    Title : <A December to Remember! Aria 2018 >
    Stats : [500 Defence]

    Title : <Do You want a Red Nose?>
    Stats : [250 Attack]

    Title : <A chance to shine>
    Stats : [2% Crit Chance]

    Title : <Christmas Miracle>
    Stats : [300 heal Effect]

    [Availble packs : ]
    [Christmas Naughty Pack]

    Pack will contains :

    <Do You want a Red Nose?> Title x 1
    Aria's Love [Exclusive to Event pet] x 1

    [Aria Christmas Pack]

    <Do You want a Red Nose?> Title x 1
    <A chance to shine> Title x 1
    <Christmas Miracle> Title x 1

    [Christmas Naughty Pack] x 2

    [JackFrost Pet] x 1
    (Exclusive PET)

    [Combat] Severe Winter x 1
    (Exclusive Mount)

    Winter Storm Elixir x 3000
    Ice Armor Elixir x 3000


    Aria Wishes Everyone A MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!
    - with Love Fyyre & Team
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