For the First Time Aria Will be Celebrating Halloween with its Own Custom Event !! join in on the fun, which begins on October 30th

  • 1.0. Frakentastic Beasts and where to find them!!

It is that time of year again when the veil between the living and the dead are at its thinnest and mischievious spirits have crossed through.
King Claudius stumbled across an odd Glowing artifact in his treasury one day and ever since then Aria is experiencing strange happenings around Nightfall!
The Souls of Pets Such as Pumpkin Monster, Storm Dragon and many more! have started appeareing Everywhere Scaring the People of Aria out of their skin!
King Claudius has asked the brave tamers of Aria to help clean up his city and restore order to the night Either by Catching/Killing these Wretched souls.

Are you brave Enough to Find all 16+ of them ?
(Sidenote: Halloween Agent (Expert Trciskter) has got Basic Tamer Skill !!)

  • 2.0. Halloween Agent (Expert Trickster) is here for a limited time !!

With Exciting New Goodies !! for both Shards and [Horrible Halloween Coin] (Event Currency)!!
including some Aria Exclusive Titles and Halloween Costumes and much more!!

  • 2.1. Jack's Pumpkin Nightmare !!

Meanwhile in the wilds of Crystal Valley a strange pumpkin patch start growing rampantly.
These are no ordinary pumpkins so beware hunters that you do not cross into the realm of the spirits while hunting these accursed pests.
They hold the treasures of those that have been lured into their patches, are you strong enough to claim the treats they hold?

Gather up your Strongest Friends and Slay the Vicious Pumkins and collect As many [Horrible Halloween Coin]s as you can!!
and exchange them for Event Exclusive items at Halloween Agent!

Be warned!! With all the strange events happening you can't help but wonder if there is a leader of sorts releasing all of this chaos on Aria.
Pumpkin Commander Jack has been spotted!! Caution when approaching this foul monster or you may get tricked into a shallow grave.
So stay on Your Toes!!

  • 2.2. Bloody Bones Rampage !!

There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight.
Harnessing the Negative Energy from Jack's Nightmare Pumpkin Patch and the Magic from the The Mysterious One at Blood right Road...
[Bloody Bones] (New Event Exclusive World Boss) has emerged from the Distortion World for a Limited time, so challenge it before it leaves .

Availble 3 times a Day Favoring the Players of US EU and Asia (october 31st -November 4th) !!

He will rip you to shreds and spit out the bones for the crows to pluck at.
Destroy him and find out the treats his old bones hold.
so call all your Friends because you’re going to need all the Help you can get to Slay this Vicious Monster !!

also Availble for a limited time in the Haloween Agent Exchange

[Halloween treat pack ]
1x <A Haunting We Will Go>
1x <Aria 51>
1x <The Darkness>

1x [Finite Halloween Magic Broom] (Flying mount)
1x [A Horrible Pumpkin Head] (Fashion Head)
25x [Halloween Trick Pack]

and also Availble at Npc....

[2 NEW Exclusive fashions ]

Sacred Glory (M) Fashion Set
Flower Phantom (F) Fashion Set

[Special Event Titles : give Stats ]

<A Haunting We Will Go> = [6% Crit Dodge]

<Aria 51> = [3 % Crit Heal]

<The Darkness> = [3% Crit Dmg]

Get them while u can !!!

Happy Halloween!