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    9/11/2018 Patch Notes

    9/11 Aria Update


    Enemy of the People Ring, will now fortify 12/12 as intended. If your old ring still
    cannot be fortified please contact a GS or GM to arrange for a trade.

    Champion Point Books & Sublime Warrior pieces, now have unbound status.

    Track Stones: Bloodrite Road, Red Reef, Prunck's Fist and Abandoned Mill, now have
    a built in Ferrie healer(click the track stone), say goodbye to having to "pot back" your hp/mp after dying!

    Finalized AI for the 95 zodiac bosses. We hope you enjoy the encounter on Friday,
    and will collect feedback to gauge if it is enough, too difficult, etc.

    Friends List:

    There will be a global wipe of the "friends list" tonight. After requests from several
    players, I fully understand that the friends list is a tricky issue -- given that
    when you delete another player from your friend's list, you are not deleted from their

    This can result in stalking and using the friend's list to obtain an unfair
    advantage in certain situations. I understand some may be upset by this, however
    for legitimate friends, it is as simple as adding them again, is it not?

    Forgotten Prison (Revamp) is now live - see Libra Bazaar, near Lady LaLa -- this is your "go-to" for purple fluxes!


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