Aria Community,

One fundamental problem we have struggled with while porting the existing live content
to the Awakening Expansion has been LH gear.

Several issues have compounded this problem, such as:

1) conflicting with key NPCs, quest elements and world bosses
2) conflicting with every known Elemental Relic Id
3) despite our very best attempts, the failure to have gear spawn / import with
base stats.

All of these things have added at least a full month of work, trouble shooting and banging our
heads against the wall trying to fix it.

The first two issues.. while a pain, we could work around -- however, seeing the gear imports/spawns without base stats makes this a lost cause.

We fully understand some of you have put a large amount of into obtaining certain LH gear,
and have successfully augmented some of the gear you have obtained.

In order to compensate you -- we are doing as follows:

1) Once this is posted to discord, the test server will be sync'd to the live server.

2) you MUST remove all gems from LH gear, otherwise the gear and embedded gems will vanish when Awakening goes live.

3) If your LH gear has augments - you need to contact a GS with your character name and list which gear pieces have augments. Your account will be logged into the test server in order to validate your claim. Once this claim is validated, you will be refunded on live in the form of "Light Dragon Scale" augments, for each successful augment on your LH gear pieces.

Again, I apologize for this -- we understand that certain classes depend on LH gear for evasion builds, due to this... when Awakening goes live, both S3 Arena Gear and H4 gear will be made available to you for free on a designated NPC.

Thank you for understanding,