There will be an update tonight at 00:20
- Important !!! -
You have to manually patch your updater!
Please download from the link above, once that is complete:
Go into your Aria3 game folder and delete the existing aria3update.exe and aria3update.urs files
Drag the content of the aria3update.rar file into the Aria3 folder and run the new updater.

  • Light Dragon Scale (Chest) Flux finally available at donations.
  • Dyeable fashions from armorer, now correctly exchanges for one Aria Token.
  • World Boss "Elites" drop extra AWS. Battle Field Point price for AWS lowered -- in short, get your deistones
  • Raid instances -- Normal mode now requires 6 to enter. Hard Mode - 9
  • I know the update process is slow, and I apologize... (To Awakening) Monday applications for phase 2 testers will go out -- I encourage everyone to apply

- Fyyre