Welcome home to Aria!! As you start out there are things you should know and where to get things that you will need. Now let us start at the beginning. 
First donít forget to get your leaves from the website every 24 hours. You will need them. Also, Erin Kilmer in Mercury marketplace you can buy 2 fusion agent (FA) Level 4 once a week.

After you create your character and enter the game it should be easy to level. Make sure to click on your pray when the time is up. Do your first quest which is marked with a golden (!). Next go to the Shylia market. That looks like a gift box at the top right of your screen. Now click on your dreamland tab. Take a few dreamlands (copper colored ones). Now take the rest of them and also the gold ones. Right click them all. Now you level should be in the 50s. See easy wasnít it.
In your prayers you should have received a red gift box. Open it by right clicking. In that box you should get 5 dreamlands that look like a glass of strawberry soda. Use one. That should take you to your max level of 90. You will also receive your first skill scroll. Right click it and drink another of the soda dreamland. Congrats you got your first skill! You should also see a star like thing blinking under the picture of your toon on the top left side of your screen. Click on it and on all the basic talents you get. Some will pop up to add to your skill bar at the bottom of the screen. (Be sure to organize your skill bar in the best way that fits you) Now you are ready to head to Nightfall. Go behind the platform and you should see a blue track stone to your right. Click on that and pick one of the red dots. That say Twilight Bridge or Twilight Hall. Now poof you are in Nightfall.

Gears and Gems:
Yes you were given level 80 starter gears but there are better gears you can get once you get to nightfall. Go see Aziza in Mercury Marketplace. Click M for your map. (No the map is not broken) Click Zoom in twice and there it is. Once at Aziza buy some Demon crystal shards. It takes about 360 for a full set but if you wish to farm them for better ids I would suggest you take a couple thousand. After you get the demon crystal shards that you desire go see Hoodle in Twilight Square. Click on the funny looking green goblin and go to crystal shard gear. There should appear gear for your class. You were also given 100 universal id scrolls. Use those to get the first ids on your gear. Now letís head back to Mercury marketplace. There you will go see the armorer Samil. When you click on him you go to gear related services. Then on to fortify gears. You were given in that gift box 100 star crystals it is more than enough and you only need 1 per fortify. Each piece of gear can fortify up to 12/12 and that also gives you 4 gem slots.
After you get the gem slots on your gears go see Jayne Morningstar which is on the bridge at Alliance square.
The gems are 10 aria tokens each for level 4 gems. The gems you get depends on the class. Whether Damage Per Second (DPS) or Tank or even Support classes like Light bards and Divine Priests. To combine it takes 5 gems and 1 Fusion Agent Lv4 to create one Lv5 Gem.
Other Gears:
As you go through area you may see some people asking for parties in world chat (the blue chat). They may ask for FHoF (Freedom Harbor on Fire), SoE (Summit of the Elements), or MI (Moulton Inferno). Doing those can get you gears that are stronger than your level 85. Those are your purple HR4 gears. If you are a support class like Light bard or Divine priest and you enjoy PVP -- You may see Clairece in Hall of Glory to get your S2 (Season2) arena gear. If you want the higher gears you will have to do 3v3 arena to get the points for your season 3 gears. You can also get LLH (Lost Lighthouse) gears from buying them from players or doing the instance. It is a special set of gears created by Fyyre. You can also collect devrock shards, Elemental star essences, and other items to get gold hands, boots, rings, and necks. Devrock shards can be gotten doing FF (Frostgate Fijord) or HiF (Heart of Ice and Fire). There are also Elemental gears which are gotten from killing elemental bosses. AKA Zods or Zodiacs.

RE IDing of Gears:
For most gears you will need Universal Id scrolls that are found at Aziza for two Aria Tokens each. For gears with augments you will need spiritus scrolls also at Aziza for 5 aria tokens each.
Augmenting Gears:
You will need patience and a lot of fluxes for the gears. For blue gears itís the blue fluxes but for purple gears over level 75 it is the Seraphic Flux.

Fortify Transfer:
If you have a gear you want to transfer your fortification to you see the armorer. Click on fortify transfer. It may cost star diamonds or star fragments. Both can be gotten from ďOtis EaterĒ Goorrriillla, in Twilight square for Tokens of faith which can also be purchased at him. When you fortify transfer it does not transfer the ids just the fortification and gems.

Necklaces, Rings, and Off hands:
You can get them through auction house, buy them from people in world chat, or craft them yourself. All are used to up your mastery, health, critical damage, critical defense, critical chance, critical dodge, and so forth. They are all necessary for a well-built toon.

You are probably wondering why you donít have very many skills at this time. Well you need to go see Nadine and get your flying mount and skill or you can take the track stone to the magic teleport(which will also take you to the flying boat) Once you get it fly high up in the air you will see a boat. On there is an NPC named Ayrshiís Mirage. Click on her. Then the rose shop tab. Then the scroll tab. For some there is one tab and for others there are 2 scroll tabs. It will take 1-2 aria tokens per skill. Make sure you get 1 of everything.
Once they are in your back right click the ones that are not red others will turn from red to lit up letting you know that you can click on that next. Make sure to read your skills it is very important to understand how they work, and in what situations each skill may be used to the benefit of yourself or your party or raid.
Soulforce Trinket:
The best trinket to get is you click on the green leaf and then click on charge then the receive rewards. You will see a purple book with Baron of Eyrda click receive. It is recommended you collect all of the VIP rewards.
To level that see the Leaf shop lady and get 3 light of eternity and to start 100 Light of Genesis. The light of eternity upgrades it at the armorer. By clicking on Gear related services then Gear identification. To id it when it is maxed (after the 3rd use of light of eternity) you use a scroll of sage. Which was also given to you in the red gift box. To re id it for what you want you go to the normal re id gear and re id it. It will take 1 light of genesis per re id. It may take less or it may take more than 100.

You will have a quest called Broken Barriers. Go see Hugh Sutherland in Hall of glory to complete and unlock the quest. Next you go see your skill tutor. Click on the map and zoom in twice. Then put in the word Tutor. Scroll down until you see your tutor and find your class tutor. (For example: Human Warrior Tutor you find it and double left click on it and it auto routes you to them.)
Once you are there you click on your tutor then go to the tab that says rare. Those are the things you will need to upgrade and max out your mastery resistance. For things that does not pertain to your mastery you will need 194 of each for the ones that are the same as your mastery you will need 388. (example: You have a wind mastery and wind resistance. You will need 388 wind pulses to cover both mastery and resistance). Once all is up to 100 you will be ready to do some botting.
Soul Power (SP) Quest:
If you have not received it yet click on the white scroll at about the right middle of your screen to nearly the bottom right above the mini map. After a couple of clicks you should get the Claudius Apellio quest. Follow the quest. Yes it may seem long and tedious but. Worth it. At the end you can choose Nyos or Dyos. Read and make sure you choose the one that fits your toon or talent tree. Make sure you click the emblem you get and place it in one of the two skill bars. Then click it and poof you are surrounded by either red or gold. Then just follow the quest to the end.
Setting up Bot, Training Grounds, Training Grounds Mirror:
Since you will need soul power experience and lots and lots of Aria Tokens you have a few choices. For soul power you have no choice but to bot. But as for the Aria tokens you can buy them from other players by going to the website and donate for Arianite shards or you can kill monsters for them.
There are 2 training grounds. A normal one you can get in and another called Training grounds mirror. For the Training grounds mirror you will need a VIP card to enter.
Setting up your bot you will need to click on the little emblem under your toon picture that looks like a little computer. In the combat area put your skills. Just drop and place them from your lower skill bar (or side skill bar) which ever you felt more comfortable placing them. There will be times that pop up on them.. I suggest you set them all at 0. It will make the skills go off the same way you put them in and it will work better in the long run.
Next is the looting tab. Unclick all items and everything except for the select items. Put in Aria Tokens, Honor coins, and Reforge Charms. You will need all of those.
Protection tab is where you put your health and mana potions which can be obtained at Late Elf Queen Ellene which is the new leaf shop. She also has VIP cards and other things you will need. For those you will need gold. Also in the protection tab is where you can put your buffs to automatically rebuff you when it ends or when needed. For priests or any other class with a healing buff you can also place it in the area to where it goes off if health is way too low.
Party tab is where you can put your party buffs or buffs that will hit multiple people. You can also set it to where it will accept party invites or not. Even more specifically friends and people in the same guild.
Now set your bot to stationary and kill!!

Gold and Soul gold:
Gold is obtained by buying mercury statues from leaf shop. I donít mean the lady turned leaf shop but the Eyrda Boutique. Which is the green leaf at the top right of your screen. Buy as much as you can with the green leaves. Then right click them. They should give you stacks of 1000 mercury statues. Go to an npc and sell them. Each 1000 statues gives you 45diamonds (d). Remember you can only have a max of 1996d in your bag at one time. Any more than that and you will drop it on the ground. You can also store your gold in your bank. Which looks like a red box. When you open your bag. Your bag looks like a back pack on the top right part of your screen.
Soul Gold you get approximately 1200d in soul gold to start with. If you need more you can go see Larry White which is also the wedding manager and click on him. Then click on the tab that says soul gold. From there you can take as many soul gold purses you think you will need.

Second Soul Power Quest:
You get that from Rodgers in Twilight square. You will need both nyos and dyos because some skills are 20/20/20. What that means is those skills with those numbers you can get benefits of both nyos and dyos from them. (For example: Heath aka longevity starts at 0/0/0/ but can be maxed to 20/20/20 which gives you the health or HP from both nyos and dyos)
Some things you will need to max certain skills. Those are Soul tokens and divine tokens. You can buy those from Aziza with Aria tokens. You will need a total of 360 soul tokens and 32 divine tokens to max both nyos and dyos.
It is important to acquire both Nyos and Dyos for maximum benefit to your character.
You will need runes for your tree in your soul power. Make sure to max rune slots to 5. You can get runes for 100at (aria tokens) each at Lust and Greed in Mercury Marketplace. Make sure you click on the tab for your class at either of them. Some will give true runes from other classes. (For example: you are a glacial priest and you get a True Divine shield. As long as it says you can acquire it directly then you can use it. Aka get a bubble shield on your glacial)

PvP and PvE:
First this is a PvP (Player Vs Player) server. Perhaps you are not comfortable with PvP. Then you must like PvE (Player Vs Environment) aka.. killing monsters. With some events PvP is unavoidable as in Zodiacs, Vexxers, Geminis, Rift, Elemental, and World Boss raids. So be warned and please donít get too salty.

Gem Lights:
You may be wondering about those things that up certain numbers when you click on the hat at the top of your screen. The things like attack and defense. You can get those from the Shylia market (the little gift box on the top of your screen). Then click on VIP. Then choose the Gem Light tab. Pick the Gemlights that will be helpful for you. Such as Ragefire, Eagle Eye (accuracy), etc. you can only use 3 if you use those that do not correspond correctly then one will override the other.
Gem light buffs have a one week duration on Aria.

You are given a gift in the little red giftbox you get at prays that gives you the max job points. Which means you can get all if not most of the jobs such as Jewel crafter for necklaces and rings. Most are extremely easy to max. Like, scavenger, Jewel crafter, Artesian. So here is a couple of hints for maxing quick some Jobs.
Artesian: You donít need to craft off hands to max it. Craft war medals. Simple quick and easy.
Scavenger: Make the Tytan shards. Every level of them. You can get what you need for it at the scavenger tutor.
Jewel crafter: Make lots of rings or necks and donít forget to get your jewel cutting recipes. You will need them.
Alchemy: Craft the first aid potions. Its quicker and easier than crafting other things.
(Most Job tutors are in or around the Academic District and Rosemason Hall or you can look them up on the map under Tutors)

There are many guilds to choose from. Some have bases and some are small guilds trying to grow and get a base. You may even choose to create your own and invite other players to join.
If you choose to join a guild then make sure it is right for you and a good fit to the way you like to play. Guilds that have bases do have an advantage a bit. They have some if not all of the higher recipes for crafting Jewelry and Off Hands. But remember most guilds with bases do require GBQ (Guild Base Quests). If you do not know how to do them then ask any of the leads to teach you.

You may see people running around with different things trailing behind them. Those are pets. You can get them at Rachael in Mercury Marketplace. You can also get some at the Donations Lady Zamradiel in Mercury Marketplace with Arianite Shards. You must right click to incubate them. Do NOT leave it in too long after it is done incubating otherwise you can get a dead pet which is useless.
To level your pet skills you get Elite Stars of Hope and Elite Stars of Fate. Those will raise a blue pet to 10 across the board and a purple pet to 15 across the board. What I mean by that is all the skills that can go up will be maxed. It takes a lot of clicks and some time. But to do that you click on hicks then on soul combine.
To turn a pet purple you will need to by Elite Dawn Scrolls. With those you see Rachael again and rebirth it until it turns purple. You can also name your pet at Rachael.
Pet skills there are lots of purple pet assist skills you can get at hicks. You start with 2 pet assist slots. You need to lock one of them. So at hicks you by 1 Major skill stone then go to pet skill binding on that NPC. (Non-Person Character). You click lock on one skill and then on bind skill then click start. After that then buy a whole bunch of other different skills. Click on Pet academy at Hicks. Keep adding the skills for your pet to learn. It will eventually open a 3rd slot. Then buy 3 Skill stones and lock another pet skill. Then buy more skills and repeat the last step til the fourth slot is open. There are also other pet skills (advanced ones) At the donations lady.
There are also pet attack skills. Those are blue at Hicks unless you want to buy them at Donations or get some off your base if it has the pet tamer leveled high enough. Be warned -- Mass stuns and things that cause cc lock (aka makes your toon not able to cast anything) has been disabled by Fyyre. His view is that players should not use pets as a crutch in PVP. So you may use them to unlock your pet attack slots Ė however you will not be able to use them as they are dead skills.
Another way to make your pet stronger is by pet meld. Remember for this to work your pet has to be no higher than level 80. If it is 90 you will have to rebirth it.
How this works is you party up with someone who has a pet of the same kind or different as long as the pet points are in a certain range of each other. You click on pet meld. Put in your pet. Then both click done and the leader of the party clicks meld. It may take a bit but it can go from intelligent, to master, to supernatural, then to ultra. REMEMBER: REBIRTH YOUR PET AFTER EVERY MELD!

Fusion Gems and Diestones:
Both you can do with certain items. You can collect daily Gem tokens from the Era Witness Reward Envoy in Twilight square. It will take a lot. You can also get pixels from praying which you can use to buy FA4 and Gem token boxes plus many other things.
Fusion Gems up the resistances of your toon. Itís as simple as that. But with each tier of fusions you get rewards like added health, defense etc.
Diestones you need AWS (Ancient Warrior Souls) That can be either farmed from certain bosses or with battlefield points or can be bought from someone in world chat. Diestones Up your mastery. So if you have multiple masteries you will need to max the one from your talent tree or all of them depending on what you want.

Land Mounts and Flying mounts:
Land and different Flying mounts can be found at Lajar Wolfhowl, which you can buy for gold/diamonds. For some you will need to upgrade them to combat mount. For that you will need ancient blood. DO NOT purchase it from him. Go to the lady turn leaf shop where you got your VIP card and get it from there. It is easier, and you donít have to use experience to open it. For a combat license which you will need in order to use your skills on a mount you can get at Aziza for Aria tokens. It is purple and permanent.

Hell Road:
It is a solo instance but helps to be in party. How you get there is you click on the flag with the ďTĒ on it. Then click on Solo. Then at the bottom is Hell Road. Highlight it by left clicking on it then click on apply. This instance is a MUST!! It only resets weekly. After room 5 you get a Soul Heart which you can trade for an Anima rage.
Anima Rage gives you extra hits in a sense. It is best to pick the rage where your talent is like for a fire mage they will pick the one with the fire strike first. To level it you use what you get from doing the hell road and turn them into Ayrishi Mirage after. You can get items to level your anima that way. If you have enough points you can get extra items to level it higher from the Era Witness Rewards Envoy. Also, every 10 rooms you get starlight; which you can collect and with 10 you can buy a FA4 from Jayne Morningstar.
There are 2 ways to get your Anima Shelter which is for defensive purposes. One is to do the questline at Obito in Wine Barrel village. The other is with 3000 hell Road points. You can get items to level your Anima shelter at the Era Witness Rewards Envoy.
Both can be leveled at the anima tutor Sharlo in Mercury Marketplace.
It is very important to max both the Rage and Shelter to receive full benefit to your character.

Auction House:
You can buy, sell, or bid on items. It has a built in guide for it so you wonít get confused.

World Chat:
It does not cost flutes to talk in world chat. You can buy, sell, recruit, or chit chat there. When someone sells something in world chat it is easiest to left click their name and it goes directly to a private message or pm to them. That way you can ask how much or bid on what they are selling.

Buying and selling of accounts:
Buyer beware! Some people like to sell accounts and yank them back. Make sure you keep screenshots of any conversation leading up to the sale and proof of the Shards or cash paid and to whom it was paid to. Makes the GSís (Game Supports) and Fyyreís Job much easier if you do specially if they try to take it back. And make sure it is a REAL account before you purchase and NOT some fake account name and password. Ask for screen shot of character log in and proof that it is a real account. You will also need to change the password through Fyyre via the GSís. We may ask for proof that you bought the account.
Sharing of accounts:
Sharing of an account is not advised. But if you happen to do so and a person changes the password or e-mail we will need proof that you are the original owner of the account such as verification e-mail with date. If you do not then it will be your own loss. Fyyre does not condone any sharing of accounts so nothing will be refunded and you will not get the account back if you do not have proof that you are the original owner.

You can go on the website and buy Arianite shards to use to purchase items from the donations shop or other players. There are multiple ways to purchase them through the site. For example: For PayPal using a cc/debit card it is easiest to go in as a guest and not log in.
In case you do not receive your shards please wait 6-7 hours to make sure PayPal did not refund your money. If they did or did not please contact a GS so the situation can be handled properly. Also make sure you add your toon name should you choose to use PayPal.


Thank you Vanity78 for the suggestion for making this guide.
Thank you to the players who continue to play and support Aria.
Lastly a HUGE Thanks also goes to Fyyre without who there would be no Aria.