Aria Update Notes - 4/29

1 - AWS moved to Avari for 50 battlefield score each
2 - Fixed Shylia's wings to work for Dwarves (sorry my stunted friends!)
3 - Rachael now has the mounts that vanished last patch (they needed time off!)
4 - Frosty Fishkin no longer drop an excessive amount of items...
5 - Removed Lionheart Champions from Sleeping Jungle (don't need anti-PVP troll NPCS >_>)
6 - One of the Vexxers was reverted when fixing Welkins
he now offers a more challenging encounter.
7 - Vondalynn Moonlight will no longer beat parties into a pulp (sorry!)
8 - Vengeance Re-Id Scrolls on Counterstrike Promoter no longer cost 50 War God points
9 - Renaming Scrolls added to Aziza for 30k Aria Tokens or 2 Condensed Aria Tokens.
As they were given out to players for free, making them freely available for
tokens makes sense.
10 - Sumit of Elements NM and HM now work (Henric spawns, as to mining nodes)
11 - RCI Wheel improvements:
+200 War God Points
x3 more Champion (Ode to Guardian) Points
Chance to get Shylia's Vow/Fortune
12 - The following female fashion, added to Vera Wang:
Mistress of Malice Fashion
Sanguine Fashion
Sakura Fashion
13 - Gear Swap cooldown changed 3m -> 1m (still too long? hotbar your gear ffs)

14 - Pet Skill changes:
Increased duration of the following skills from 5minutes to 30minutes,
of course they still clear upon entry to 3v3 and half time between
Deadliness III
Brute Force III
Sinister Spirit III
Iron Bone III
Losing Grip III
Precision III
Deflection III
Slash Wave Mastery III
Earth Aura III
Ocean Barrier III
Blaze Field III
Wind Field III
Holy Light Field III
Dark Aura III
Physical Boost III
Land Boost III
Ocean Boost III
Flame Boost III
Wind Boost III
Light Boost III
Darkness Boost III
Element Sentry III
Star Sentry III

Nerfed (aka, broke 100%):
Silenced Seal II
Sudden Strike II
Stagger II
Ice Seal II
Hypnotize II

15 - Pet Changes
The following pets changed to attack pets: (does not affect current pets, pets that already exist):
Crystal Dragon
Goblin Rocket Car
Troll Hunter
One-Eyed Monster
Manufacturing Machine
Feral Wolf
Dwarf Machine 2
Vondalynn Moonlight
Black Baby Dragon
Green Baby Dragon
Puss in Boots
Little Devil
Blade Guard
Vampire Bat

17 - 3v3 Arena
Players with 2300 or greater will receive +10 upon winning and -5 upon losing the match.
I was able to test this once for win/loss on test server, therefore report any issues
with screen shot proof ASAP to @GameSupport -- do not DM Fyyre directly via Aria discord.

18 - Shylia's Tears
Item invalides 50 acc - is left over from Aria2. Shylia's Tears now produces a mild acc
buff and is stripped upon entering the 3v3 arena (work on those Acc gear sets!)

19 - Misc
Removed NPC 'Blair' from near fashion NPCs, he walked around non stop, and got on my fuggin nerves!

20 - 85 necklaces now have a chance to have evasion as base stats, as other stats.